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A Great Read

As a woodturner I like to learn skills and techniques from others, whether it be in-person demonstrations, videos, books or articles. Always looking for a good woodturning magazine I found

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November Demonstrator

We have a real treat this month as our demonstrator is Alan Carter. Alan is known nationally and internationally for his unique woodturning style. Here is his artist statement:

I can trace my current status in life back to the third grade, when they needed trombone players for the grade school band. That started a

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Resin Bowl

The current issue (March 2012, #237) of Woodturning Magazine has an article by Gabor Lacko on the use of resin for creating decoration on a double-skinned bowl. He turned a bowl and glued slices of yew branches to the outside of the bowl. He then filled all of the gaps between the yew slices with

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Woodturning and Youth

Have you noticed at our chapter meetings that a large percentage of our members are, well, mature. Not old, but a good number are eligible for membership in AARP. And how many of you turners didn’t start turning until the kids were already grown and thought to yourself “I wish I’d started turning when I

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Powermatic/Jet 3520B Review

The SPSW recently purchased a new lathe, a Powermatic 3520B. If you have been to recent meetings you will have seen it in action. This lathe is sold in Europe as the Jet 3520B.

As it turns out, Woodturning magazine has a recent review of this lathe on their website. If you are not up-to-date

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