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Ray Key Collaboration

We posted in late December about the AWGB sponsoring a collaboration of turners to celebrate the contributions of Ray Key to the art of woodturning. A total of 124 world-class turners agreed to take part in the project and so far 118 pieces have been returned. The AWGB have posted pictures of these and the

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What’s Happening at Other Chapters

The Inland Northwest Woodturners are meeting May 2nd at the Woodcraft in Spokane Valley. Dan Chadwick will continue the 3 month, multi-demonstrator section on log to finished bowl. Dan will take a dried, rough-turned bowl and finish turning and sanding to a finishable product. BTW, the franchisee of the Woodcraft store where the chapter

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AWGB Tribute to Ray Key

The Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB) has invited a number of turners from around the world who have had a connection with Ray to complete one of his part turned pieces in their own style. There will be an exhibition in July 2019. More info on the website:

Ray Key Tribute Collaboration

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May Demonstrator – Kim Hoover

This month we are privileged to have Kim Hoover from the Olympia Club as our demonstrator. Kim is an accomplished turner and is also a mentor at the Olympia Club. This month he will be demonstrating how to turn stacked bowls. This promises to be a very interesting meeting for turners of all skill levels.

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What’s Happening at Other Chapters

The Northwest Woodturners in Beaverton, OR will be meeting on April 7th. Terry Gerros will demonstrate making twists on the lathe.

The Inland Northwest Woodturners in Spokane Valley are meeting on April 7th. This will be an open turning night with 7 lathes.

The South Coast Woodturners in Coos Bay, Oregon will be meeting on

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Woodturners of Olympia 2016 Symposium

The Woodturners of Olympia are holding their 2016 symposium on July 23rd. Bob Espen will open the day followed by Michael Hosaluk. Bob will explain the why and how of filling, patching and coloring, sandblasting, and finishing burl. The Michael will discuss design considerations, then will demonstrate spindle work: bending, offset, subtractive techniques, a top,

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