October Demonstrator – Michael Dresdner

Michael Dresdner is a nationally known finish-ing, woodworking, and guitar making expert, consultant, lecturer, columnist, and author of five books, seven videos, and over ten thousand articles on woodworking, finishing and guitar making. He has been a contributing editor or columnist for over half a dozen publications including Fine Woodworking, American Wood-worker, and Woodworker’s Journal, […]

March Demonstrator – Paul Crabtree

Paul began woodturning January 2003, in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He was not interested in turning anything but hollow forms. Though both his mentors strongly suggested he start with something easier, all he wanted to do, really, was hollow forms. The problem was, there were no hollowing tools he liked. George and Lee, his mentors, invented […]

SPSW Member Profile – Eric Lofstrom

How long have you been turning and what interested you in wood turning to start with? I have been turning since January 2002. I saw a demonstration at the Sumner Woodworker Store on how to turn a pen & letter opener set and couldn’t believe how fast a finished product could come from a […]

SPSW Member Profile – Bill Wood

Upon graduation from Boeing, it only took 40 years to achieve graduation, I took up a life of golf and marshalling at our golf course. After a couple of years of this, golf became a not totally fulfilling life experience and being a course marshal reminded me too much of being a manager at Boeing, […]

SPSW Member Profile – Dan Stromstad

Like many of you I began turning wood in Junior High School. Growing up in Richland, Washington in the fifties enabled me to have a friend for a wood shop instructor. Working with my father we built all of the kitchen cabinets in the process of totally remodeling our home. As a result my fondness […]