August Demonstrator – John Howard

Like so many of us, John Howard had a decades long break between being introduced to woodturning in high school wood shop classes and taking it up again. In the interim, he completed a Biology degree, served 5-years in the Army, and had a long career as a teacher dean of instruction, first at Portland […]

Doctor’s Woodshop Finish

In the SPSW store we carry many of the commonly used items for woodturners. One of those products is Doctor’s Woodshop Walnut Oil and Wax woodturning finish. This is a patented product that is food-safe.

Mike Meridith, the Doctor of Doctor’s woodshop, has a video explaining the finish and how to apply it:

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Practical Finishes By Jeff Conti


By Jeff Conti

22 July 2007

Topics: Shellac, Behlen’s Woodturner Finish, Wax (Renaissance and Liberon), Penetrating oils (Danish oil, Boiled Linseed oil and Teak oil) Butcher Block OIL, Walnut Oil, Hard Cellulose Nitrate Lacquer (Deft)

Shellac comes from the excretions of the lac insect Kerria lacca, found in the forests of Assam and Thailand […]