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SPSW Members in the News

Former SPSW President Dan Stromstad and member Dennis Johnson are featured in an article in the Tacoma News Tribune. Great story of friendship, giving, courage and overcoming disabilities. [note]A friendship strengthened through adversity, crafted with a lathe[/note]

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Why I am so Passionate About This Club

Why I am so Passionate About This Club

This month I thought I would explain why I am so passionate about this club. Every month I look forward to our meetings with excitement. What a silly old guy I am. Why would a man feel this way? When I was in junior high school my favorite class was shop. ...

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Want to Turn Better?

[note]Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” – proverb[/note] It’s all about skills transfer This article came out of a chat at a recent SPSW board meeting – we were talking about the various ways that being in the club has helped all of ...

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The Unseen Pleasures of Turning

Yesterday’s post was about a woodturner who lost most of her vision but was able to adapt her tools and processes to allow her to continue turning. Coincidently, the AAW website has a feature on how the 25th Anniversary Symposium included the first showing of woodturnings to visually impaired people. Andi ...

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Woodturner Profile - Ron Kent

While cruising the web looking at woodturning sites I came across Ron Kent's website. Ron is a woodturning artist from Hawaii, and a member of the Honolulu Woodturners chapter of the AAW. Those of you who have been turning for some time are probably familiar with Ron's work. This was ...

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SPSW in the Top10

The South Puget Sound Woodturners is in the top 10 clubs in the American Association of Woodturners (AAW). Why is that? Because we have a large and diverse membership. Our members range from beginner to internationally acclaimed professionals. Our interests range from penmaking to bowls, turned ornaments to hollow vessels, spindles ...

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March Membership Meeting

This month we are having our first 2018 Mini Symposium.

These events are special in that they offer the opportunity to observe several different aspects of turning and decoration at one event. They are also special in that the demonstrations are performed by our own members. This club is very proud to have members of all skill levels. We can all learn something new and woodturners are, in large, well known for their willingness to share their secrets with all.

  • Dan Stromstad – Easy bowl turning using a vacuum chuck
  • Jimmy Allen – Lidded Boxes
  • Jeff Marshall – Lathe projects for beginning turners
  • Carol Zandell – Lattice work on the lathe
  • Pat McCart – Sharpening lathe tools (Please bring any tools you would like sharpened)
  • Michael Poirier – How to sue the “Wedgie Sled” for segmented turnings
  • Leah Young – How to access and use the SPSW Video Library

There will be no Show and Tell this month but feel free to bring your projects for display.

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AAW PRESS RELEASE: AAW Appoints John Kelsey as New Editor of Woodturning FUNdamentals – American Association of Woodturners

Source: AAW PRESS RELEASE: AAW Appoints John Kelsey as New Editor of Woodturning FUNdamentals – American Association of Woodturners

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February Membership Meeting


Turning Tools 101
Brad Huseby & Mike Poirier

Mike & Brad will lead a discussion will be general information about turning tools. This is the basics and not about specialty tool or grinds. It is not an attempt to change anyone’s mind about the tools they use or what specific tools to buy. We encourage group participation to help each other make good decisions on what tools are available and to pass along experiences we have had. The tools you buy will cost more than the lathe in the end.

Mike – I took woodshop in Jr. and Sr. High. After graduation I went in the military and prior to discharge my wife and I got married. That was 47 years ago. I stayed interested in woodworking but did not have an area to work. Now I have a place to make a mess and not have to clean it up. I started making wooden toys and in the process found a lathe was necessary to make some of the parts. I was self-taught and considered myself adequate. Joined Evergreen Woodworkers and was a member for 12 years. 3 years ago I joined SPSW for help in overall knowledge of woodturning, turning techniques, tools to buy, sharpening and where to get materials and wood. I took advantage of the “Sawdust Sessions” at Bob Sweazey’s shop and I recommend to all.

Brad – While in high school 40+ years ago, I did my first turnings. With little guidance on tool selection I used a roughing gouge and scraper. I made a candle stick holder and a fish club. In the 80’s I was given a broken lathe that I cobbled together and made a few pens and small misc. pieces. In 2000, my wife and I bought a shop with a house. I Googled wood turning clubs and found and attended SPSW meeting. This is where I heard about the sawdust sessions. I went to check it out with interest and curiosity. Erick Lofstrom asked if I want to “have a go” at what he and Bob Sweazey were turning. I was reluctant at first but finally gave it a try. My technique was not right and Erick suggested dropping the handle a little and rotating it to the right. His suggestion made a big difference. The shavings flew and I was hooked. Erick’s insistence to “Give it a try” and his guidance on my turning technique renewed my interest in turning and I have been hooked since. I enjoy all types of turning and passing it forward.

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Good Reminder

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January Demonstrator – Jimmie Allen

Jimmie Allen is a long-time northwest resident and currently resides in Bremerton, WA. Jimmie discovered woodturning during his semi-retirement as a finish carpenter. He joined the OPCAAW club in 2003 and was instantly hooked – he went on to serve 7 years as the club’s Vice President of Training.

After experimenting with various wood turning aspects, Jimmie was drawn to the challenge that wood boxes presented. Since then, he has concentrated his efforts on improving technique, wood selection, design/shape and proportion. Through this journey, Jimmie also found another creative outlet – the design and crafting of box making tools that helped him to create his signature style of boxes.

Jimmie’s philosophy is that we all start at the same place and it’s important to keep it simple – “If you put in the time, you’ll get there”. He appreciates the opportunity to encourage and motivate people by sharing his experiences and techniques through demonstrations and sawdust sessions.

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SPSW YouTube Site

Looking for a video demonstration for your next project? Check out the SPSW YouTube Site