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SPSW Members in the News

Former SPSW President Dan Stromstad and member Dennis Johnson are featured in an article in the Tacoma News Tribune. Great story of friendship, giving, courage and overcoming disabilities. [note]A friendship strengthened through adversity, crafted with a lathe[/note]

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Why I am so Passionate About This Club

Why I am so Passionate About This Club

This month I thought I would explain why I am so passionate about this club. Every month I look forward to our meetings with excitement. What a silly old guy I am. Why would a man feel this way? When I was in junior high school my favorite class was shop. ...

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Want to Turn Better?

[note]Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” – proverb[/note] It’s all about skills transfer This article came out of a chat at a recent SPSW board meeting – we were talking about the various ways that being in the club has helped all of ...

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The Unseen Pleasures of Turning

Yesterday’s post was about a woodturner who lost most of her vision but was able to adapt her tools and processes to allow her to continue turning. Coincidently, the AAW website has a feature on how the 25th Anniversary Symposium included the first showing of woodturnings to visually impaired people. Andi ...

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Woodturner Profile - Ron Kent

While cruising the web looking at woodturning sites I came across Ron Kent's website. Ron is a woodturning artist from Hawaii, and a member of the Honolulu Woodturners chapter of the AAW. Those of you who have been turning for some time are probably familiar with Ron's work. This was ...

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SPSW in the Top10

The South Puget Sound Woodturners is in the top 10 clubs in the American Association of Woodturners (AAW). Why is that? Because we have a large and diverse membership. Our members range from beginner to internationally acclaimed professionals. Our interests range from penmaking to bowls, turned ornaments to hollow vessels, spindles ...

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What’s Happening at Other Chapters

The Northwest Woodturners in Beaverton, Oregon are not meeting in July.

The Inland Northwest Woodturners are meeting July 5th at the Woodcraft in Spokane Valley. The presentation will be by Doug Eaton on turning a mini bird house.

The Fraser Valley Woodturners Guild in Abbotsford, B.C., are taking July and August off for the summer break.

The Southwest Idaho Woodturners in Boise, ID will be meeting on July 10th. The demonstrator for the evening has not been announced.

The Woodturners of Olympia are meeting next on July 10th. Rick Rich will demonstrate turning 4-legged stools.

The Willamette Valley Woodturners in Salem, Oregon will be meeting on July 12th and will feature several members sharing Jigs, Gadgets and Gismos.

The Seattle Woodturners are meeting on July 12th. This meeting will feature the tool / wood swap and wood raffle.

The South Coast Woodturners in CoosBay, Oregon will be meeting on July 14th. Dick Flynn will be presenting on Woodturning 101 and coring.

The Mid-Columbia Woodturners are meeting on July 14th. The program for the afternoon has not been announced.

The Northwest Washington Woodturners in Mt. Vernon will be meeting on July 19th. Charlotte “Charley” Phillips, who teaches at the Northwest Woodcarving Academy, will demonstrate combining turning and carving.

The Cascade Woodturners in Portland, OR. will be meeting on July 19th. The program for the evening has not been announced.

The Greater Vancouver Woodturners Guild in Vancouver, B.C. are taking July and August off for the summer break.

The Island Woodturners Guild on Vancouver Island are taking July and August off for the summer break.

The Olympic Peninsula Woodturners holding will be meeting on July 25th. The demonstrator for the evening has not yet been announced.

The Beaver State Woodturners in Coburg, OR will be meeting on July 26th. Eldon Rickey will be demonstrating Embellishments.

The Strait Turners in Sequim, WA are meeting on July 31st at the Gardiner Community Center . Tones Briggs will be the featured presenter for “Christmas in July”.

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June Membership Meeting

Many SPSW members are returning after the AAW Symposium in Portland. We will be conducting a panel discussion/feedback session at our June 21st meeting. We can share this experience with those of you that were unable to attend this wonderful event.

Some of the possible topics:

  • New tends in turning, finishing, woods, shapes, or designs
  • interesting combinations of methods, materials and finishes
  • New tools ( can’t wait to purchase)
  • “WOW” moment
  • “How did they do that” moment
  • How were the sessions and which were enjoyed the most and why?
  • Favorite demonstration and why?
  • What turner did you enjoy watching? Why?
  • Would you attend another AAW symposium?
  • etc….

FYI- Did you win a lathe?

Hope you can join us for this informative discussion.

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May Membership Meeting

Our demonstrator this month will be our own Carol Zandell –

carol zandellI will be demonstrating the method I use to turn a simple form of “Inside out Turning” . It is my hope that what I do will give you a new idea or simply be a reminder of something fun to do on the lathe.

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April Membership Meeting

Turning With a Hook

David Best will be demonstrating the use of a Hook Tool cutter. A hook tool cutter is designed to make end grain hollowing quick and efficient. It leaves a very smooth surface which eliminates a lot of sanding time. A hook is fun to use but takes a fair bit of practice.

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Tower of Life

SPSW Webmaster here and I am a big fan of Malcolm Tibbetts. He recently posted a new video on YouTube of his segmented piece titled Tower of Life. In a Facebook post Malcolm describes it this way:

This was inspired by the miracle of life creation and the recent birth of two new grandsons. The notion of twenty-three pairs of chromosomes played a part in the design. In the tower there are 500 assemblies of three stacked rings of 15 segments (22,500 pieces) plus the 500 connecting dowels totals 23 thousand. Additionally each assembly of three layers totals 45 plus the one connecting dowel equals 23 pair. The piece also displays the five colors of man. It’s almost five feet tall and finished with spray lacquer.

Yes, Pat McCart, that says twenty three THOUSAND pieces.

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SPSW YouTube Site

Looking for a video demonstration for your next project? Check out the SPSW YouTube Site