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Why I am so Passionate About This Club

Why I am so Passionate About This Club

This month I thought I would explain why I am so passionate about this club. Every month I look forward to our meetings with excitement. What a silly old guy I am. Why would a man feel this way? When I was in junior high school my favorite class was shop. ...

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Non Profit Status

We have received notification from the Internal Revenue Service that our application for status as a section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization has been approved! That means that donations to the SPSW are now tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law. We believe this will open up new opportunities to ...

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Want to Turn Better?

[note]Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” – proverb[/note] It’s all about skills transfer This article came out of a chat at a recent SPSW board meeting – we were talking about the various ways that being in the club has helped all of ...

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The Unseen Pleasures of Turning

Yesterday’s post was about a woodturner who lost most of her vision but was able to adapt her tools and processes to allow her to continue turning. Coincidently, the AAW website has a feature on how the 25th Anniversary Symposium included the first showing of woodturnings to visually impaired people. Andi ...

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Woodturner Profile - Ron Kent

While cruising the web looking at woodturning sites I came across Ron Kent's website. Ron is a woodturning artist from Hawaii, and a member of the Honolulu Woodturners chapter of the AAW. Those of you who have been turning for some time are probably familiar with Ron's work. This was ...

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June Demonstrator – Roy Lane

Roy LaneThis month’s demonstrator is Roy Lane. You have all seen Roy’s work at the monthly Show & Tell as well as at our Mini Symposiums. Roy is a master of the hollow form vessel. Roy has been turning for a long time and makes his own hollowing tools. This month he will share with us how he makes his hollowing tools as well as giving us pointers on just how to make hollow forms.

Roy’s work is displayed at a couple of galleries in Tacoma. Partnering with his daughter, Stephany, he does some beautiful work. Roy will also demonstrate how he makes the light he uses to check wall thickness.

All said, it will be a very enjoyable evening.

What’s Happening at Other Chapters

The Northwest Woodturners in Beaverton, OR will be meeting on June 2nd. Phil Lapp will demonstrate hollowing with the Trent Bosch Visualizer.

The Inland Northwest Woodturners in Spokane Valley are meeting on June 2nd. Frank Hutchison will present sights from the Utah Woodturning Symposium and demonstrating making specialty chucks and a burning wire set.

The Fraser Valley Woodturners in Abbotsford, B.C. will be meeting on June 2nd. This will be the annual auction and all you ever wanted to know about finishing with Murray Sluys and Barry Wilkinson.

The Seattle Woodturners are meeting on June 9th. John Shrader will be the demonstrator.

The Willamette Valley Woodturners in Salem, Oregon will be meeting on June 9th. Phil Lapp will be the demonstrator.

The Southwest Washington Woodturners will be meeting on June 9th. The program for the evening has not been announced.

The Mid Columbia Woodturners in Pasco, WA will be meeting on June 11th. This will be the club’s annual picnic.

The Southwest Idaho Woodturners in Boise, ID will be meeting on June 14th. The topic for the demonstration will be split turnings.

The Northwest Washington Woodturners in Mt. Vernon will be meeting on June 16th. Eric Lofstrom will be the demonstrator.

The Greater Vancouver Woodturners Guild in Vancouver, B.C. will be meeting on June 22nd. Bruce Campbell will demonstrate Metal Leaf Gilding. By the way, GVWG has a beautiful newsletter. I recommend that you take a look.

The Woodturners of Olympia are meeting next on June 23rd. The demonstrator for the evening has not been announced.

The Island Woodturners Guild on Vancouver Island will be meeting on June 25th. Ed Pretty will provide a demonstration on Coloring techniques.

The Olympic Peninsula Woodturners are meeting next on June 29th. Eric Lofstrom will be the demonstrator.

The Beaver State Woodturners in Eugene, Oregon are getting together on June 30th. The program for the evening has not been announced.

The Cascade Woodturners in Portland, OR will be meeting on June 30th (note the date change). Steve Newberry will be demonstrating turning ladles.

May Demonstrator – Kim Hoover

Kim HooverThis month we are privileged to have Kim Hoover from the Olympia Club as our demonstrator. Kim is an accomplished turner and is also a mentor at the Olympia Club. This month he will be demonstrating how to turn stacked bowls. This promises to be a very interesting meeting for turners of all skill levels.

Remember, doors open at 6 and we can always use help getting everything arranged for the meeting.

See you on Thursday, May 19th.

April Membership Meeting

This month we are having the first of our two Annual Mini Symposiums. For those of you who not attended one, these are meetings where several of our members demonstrate various techniques that have to do with wood turning. These are only possible because our members take this time to share their knowledge with us. Demonstrations wil include everything from sharpening your turning tools (the most important part of turning), to pen turning, to hollowing, and enhancing your turnings.

This time, at a minimum, we will have:

  • Carol Zandell
  • Tammie Bachmeier
  • Michael Poirier
  • Roy Lane
  • Stephany Lane
  • Ken Light
  • Pat McCart

I say at a minimum because we usually have some last minute person who also is willing to demonstrate.

This is a very informal event, so please come and join in the comaraderie.

Two last things,

Pat’s demonstration on tool sharpening depends on you bringing in your new or dull tools.

And we will be having only the Show part of the Show and Tell. So bring in your objets d’art and let the others see them.

Turning Crayons?

OK turners, don’t know if any of you have tried this, but apparently you can turn melted crayons.

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