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Why I am so Passionate About This Club

Why I am so Passionate About This Club

This month I thought I would explain why I am so passionate about this club. Every month I look forward to our meetings with excitement. What a silly old guy I am. Why would a man feel this way? When I was in junior high school my favorite class was shop. ...

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Non Profit Status

We have received notification from the Internal Revenue Service that our application for status as a section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization has been approved! That means that donations to the SPSW are now tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law. We believe this will open up new opportunities to ...

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Want to Turn Better?

[note]Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” – proverb[/note] It’s all about skills transfer This article came out of a chat at a recent SPSW board meeting – we were talking about the various ways that being in the club has helped all of ...

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The Unseen Pleasures of Turning

Yesterday’s post was about a woodturner who lost most of her vision but was able to adapt her tools and processes to allow her to continue turning. Coincidently, the AAW website has a feature on how the 25th Anniversary Symposium included the first showing of woodturnings to visually impaired people. Andi ...

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Woodturner Profile - Ron Kent

While cruising the web looking at woodturning sites I came across Ron Kent's website. Ron is a woodturning artist from Hawaii, and a member of the Honolulu Woodturners chapter of the AAW. Those of you who have been turning for some time are probably familiar with Ron's work. This was ...

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August Meeting Demonstrator – John Shrader

This month’s demonstrator is John Shrader.

John Shradershrader bloodwood bowlMost wood is only available in flat boards. This demo will show how to make bowls from a single board using stacked rings and also how to make multiple closed forms from a single board using staved construction. I will show how the limitation of these approaches can actually be an opportunity for design innovation. For example, the grain direction can be manipulated to produce different surface designs, even with the same shape. If a design is embedded in the disk before the tapered rings are cut out of it, the design of the final bowl can be startlingly different from the initial design.

Upcoming Woodturning Events

Ornamental Turners International Symposium

The 14th annual symposium is scheduled for September 22nd – 25th, 2016 at the Doubletree by Hilton Denver, Denver-Stapleton North, 4040 Quebec Street, Denver, CO 80216. The speaker/presenter schedule reads like a who’s who in the ornamental turning world with such internationally acclaimed experts as Jean Claude Charpignon from France and David Wood-Heath from England. There will be vendors and an instant gallery. More information on symposium registration and hotel reservations can be found on the OTI Symposium webpage.

Mid Atlantic Woodturning Symposium

This symposium is being held at the Lancaster Marriott Convention Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and will feature eight nationally renowned demonstrators including Mike Mahoney, Al Stirt, Binh Pho, Kurt Hertzog, Cindy Drozda, Mark Sfirri and SPSW’s Eric Lofstrom. There will also be an instant gallery, trade show, silent auction and awards banquet. Get more info on the MAWT Symposium website.

Segmented Woodturners Symposium

Hard to believe, but this is the fifth bi-annual symposium put on by the Segmented Woodturners virtual chapter. The symposium is being held at the Boston Marriot Quincy in Quincy, Massachusetts on October 27th – 30th. Demonstrators include John Beaver, Bob Benke, Andy Chen, Robin Costelle, Ray Feltz, Wayne Miller, Al Miotke, Jim Rodgers, and Malcolm Tibbetts. There will also be a turning swap, vendor area, instant gallery and banquet. There will also be activities for non-turning spouses. Get more info on the Segmented Woodturners homepage.

Virginia Woodturning Symposium

This symposium represents 10 chapters and is sponsored by the Virginia Woodturners. The symposium will be held at Expoland in Waynesboro, Virginia on November 5th and 6th. The featured demonstrators are: Jimmy Clewes, Trent Bosch, Bob Rosand, Frank Penta, John Jordan, Johannes Michelsen, Lyle Jamieson, and Barry Gross. There will be an instant gallery and vendor area. More info on the Virginia Woodturning Symposium website.

What’s Happening at Other Chapters

The Northwest Woodturners in Beaverton, OR are not holding a regular meeting in August. Instead they will be having their annual auction on Saturday, August 6th. In addition, the NWWT along with the Cascade Woodturners will be sponsoring Graeme Priddle and Melissa Engler for a hands-on class on the 12th and an all-day demo on the 13th.

The Mid Columbia Woodturners in Pasco, WA will be meeting on August 6th. Graeme Priddle and Melissa Enger will be giving an all-day demo involving design, turning, texture and color.

The Inland Northwest Woodturners in Spokane Valley are meeting on August 7th. Jim Christiansen, master turner and carver, will be the demonstrator.

The Seattle Woodturners are meeting on August 11th. The demonstrator for the evening has not been announced.

The Willamette Valley Woodturners in Salem, Oregon will be meeting on August 11th. Kathleen Duncan will be demonstrating piercing.

The Southwest Idaho Woodturners in Boise, ID will be holding their annual picnic on August 13th.

The Northwest Washington Woodturners in Mt. Vernon will not be holding a regular meeting in August, however, the club is having their annual picnic on the 13th.

The South Coast Woodturners in CoosBay, Oregon will be meeting on August 13th. The agenda includes spiral cuts with Steve Adams & CA finishing with Ron Newlander in the morning and making pens with Ron Newlander in the afternoon.

The Cascade Woodturners in Portland, OR will be meeting on August 18th. The meeting will feature coring demonstrations by Howard Borer (woodcut) and Dale Larson (McNaughton).

The Woodturners of Olympia are meeting next on August 25th. The program has not been announced.
The Southwest Washington Woodturners will be meeting on August 25th. The program for the evening has not been announced.

The Beaver State Woodturners in Eugene, Oregon are meeting on August 25th and will host Robert Fleck who will demonstrate pyrography.

The Olympic Peninsula Woodturners are meeting next on August 31st. Art Liestman will be the demonstrator.

The Fraser Valley Woodturners in Abbotsford, B.C. is taking a break for the summer.

The Island Woodturners Guild on Vancouver Island is taking a break for the summer. Their next meeting will be September 24th.

The Greater Vancouver Woodturners Guild in Vancouver, B.C. is taking a break for the summer. Their next meeting will be September 28th. BTW, as he mentioned during his demo at the last SPSW meeting, Bruce Campbell has an article on Fundamentals of Sanding in the current (June, 2106) newsletter.

July Demonstrator – Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell demonstrating at an SPSW meeting.

Bruce Campbell demonstrating at an SPSW meeting.

I view myself as a generalist in wood turning. I turn boxes, bowls, vessels, and spindles and also enjoy emerging media such as precious metals, glass and clay into my work. I have sold in craft fairs, shops, and galleries and also do custom millwork, restoration turning, and production turning. When demonstrating I enjoy maintaining a constant information flow that some have said is more like a lesson than a demo.

I enjoy teaching a range of courses including Turning Boxes, Basics of Turning Bowls, Basics of Spindle Turning, Managing Green Wood, Duplicate Spindle Turning, Exploring Design, and Texturing and Coloring……

How many times have I heard someone say, “Oh, I have no talent” or, “I’m no artist”? Yet, each us of has a very highly developed sense of form and style and woodturning offers a wonderful way to explore it…..

My approach to woodturning is influenced by my 30+ years of Japanese Martial Arts training. In martial training we are taught that there are three parts to all things; physical, mental, and spiritual (self actualization). I translate these into woodturning terms as basic technique, design, and personal expression. I approach (and teach) turning this way. First, I encourage the development of good basic skills. Depending on how often and diligently one studies this can take 3 to 10 years. However, once good basic skills are in place one can confidently explore design without worrying “how” to make the cuts.

Studying design can take many years and there is a rich history and cultural diversity to explore. During that study questions of self-expression may begin to rise and ones creative nature begins to assert itself. This can manifest itself in many forms including craft, production, architectural, sculptural, or pushing boundaries to open new forms. For me these are all valid forms of expression.

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