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Looking for a video demonstration for your next project? Check out the SPSW YouTube Site

The Importance of Art

Here is something a little different but related. This is a TEDx talk given by Malcolm Tibbets at the “Building Bridges” TEDx event in South Lake Tahoe.

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Turning Crayons?

OK turners, don’t know if any of you have tried this, but apparently you can turn melted crayons.

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Concentricity, Runout and Woodturning Accuracy

So here’s a video from Eric Goertz from Wildwood Designs, also know as The Bangle Guy. In this video Eric covers some technical topics to help you make sure that your lathe is running properly.

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Tool Handle Turning Demo

Bob Bezanson of the Woodturners of SW MO demonstrates turning custom tool handles while adding a brass plumbing fixture turned down as the ferrule. He also offers several tips and tricks along with the demo. Downloadable PDF’s are available on their club website with sources and further instructions.


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Build a Treadle Lathe

There have been many manual powered lathe designs in history, such as the well known pole lathe. There are also treadle lathes such as the one built by Chris. Check out this video:

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Alan Carter Video

Alan Carter gave a great demonstration last night at our membership meeting and from all accounts the all-day demo was also a success.

Alan’s demo for our meeting was his signature thin stemmed goblet. He went through the safety considerations and many of the tools that can be used to create these goblets.

For those

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