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Article on CNC Woodturning by Gershon Elber

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We have an article on CNC Turning prepared by Professor Gershon Elber. It is regarding the application of CNC machining in the woodturning venue. (The article is in PDF and requires Adobe Reader).

Professor Elber is a resident of Israel, but makes many trips to the USA teaching and speaking in different venues at the collegiate level and was an active professor teaching at the University of Washington in 2005-06.

Here is the opening of the article…

Computer Numerical Control Woodworking and Turning

Gershon Elber


For several decades, the use of computers for precise machining of metal parts has been a common practice in all the car, ship and aeronautic industries. In recent years, this computer numerical control (CNC) technology was also introduced into commercial wood working shops. This article examines the use of CNC technology for home – hobby purposes, mostly in the context of wood working and turning.

Read the entire article … CNC Turning

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