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AAW Members Invited to Join 25th Anniversary Project

The editors of the AAW 25th anniversary book
invite AAW members to submit short essays about their introduction to
the woodturning field and the AAW as an organization.

“We’re going to go after writing from the
well-known members, but we’re also looking for writings from those who
might not be so well known,” the volume’s editor, John Kelsey,
explained. “We want to be sure ordinary members have a way to tell
their stories in the anniversary volume.” The AAW Board of Directors
has appointed Kelsey, of Lancaster PA, as editor and manager for the
25th anniversary project. He’ll be working through 2008 and 2009 to
gather material for the 256-page book. “We’d like to hear from as many
members as we can,” Kelsey said. “We’d like members to write about how
they came to the field of woodturning, and what it has meant in their

The editorial team also invites members to
submit photographs they have taken at AAW events. It’s important that
these photographs be dated, and they should be accompanied by as much
information as possible about the turners and turnings that appear in
them. Members who would like to discuss this project, or
participate in it, are welcome to contact the editor by email at<>.


Jean LeGwin – AAW Board of Directors

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